notamaniac: (scared)
notamaniac ([personal profile] notamaniac) wrote2016-10-15 11:12 pm

Dreams galore!

Thanks to a certain newcomer priest, Freddy is sick. He feels miserable--tired, achy, and his head feels like it's in a vise. But, that's only his personal problem. There's a far worse one. Since he's gotten sick, pockets or bubbles of dreams have been squeezing out of his mind. Some are harmless, even sweet. Some are true nightmares. Freddy can control the dreams in the bubbles...if he needs to. They're still dreams, even if no one is asleep. The problem is they may or may not be only dreams. They might carry a certain degree of reality. Freddy is too exhausted to just end all of them, though he's making some effort at tracking down and finishing the terrible ones. Unfortunately, it's slow going.

"Can you try and stay out of the dreams? I feel like hell and I can't guarantee what'll happen, if you end up in one. Nightmares don't always announce themselves with horror movie shit, y'know. If you need help, let me know! Just call out for Freddy."

He sighs at that last part. He just wants to curl up and go to sleep himself, but he isn't sure if he would be able to get into the bubble dreams, from the main dream world, since they seem to have broken away!